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Secrets of Sherwood

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Ash Bracelet in Silver

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We are proud to sell earrings, pendants and bracelets made in Sherwood Forest, the home of Robin Hood. We actually collect leaves from the trees in Sherwood Forest and use them as templates to cut the silver by hand and make the pieces. So each piece is unique and gets certified as guaranteed being made using an actual leaf as the template from the Forest. We don't have a name for this range. So we are asking you to suggest a name that will be used in all our literature in the future. The winner will be able to choose any pendant or pair of earrings on the website as a thankyou. You might want to think about the romance of the Forest and its' history. You might want to think about the famous Major Oak where Robin hid from the Sherriff of Nottinghams' men. You might want to think about the romance between Robin and Maid Marion. The possibilities are endless. Over to you all. The closing date is December 31st 2016 and the entry form is on the website. Have a look round - be inspired!