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Secrets of Sherwood

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Ash Bracelet in Silver

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Here in England we are experiencing significant changes in our weather patterns. Only 30 years ago we could look out of our window at home and tell what time of year it was - just from the weather. Now, our seasons merge - we have hot summers days in November and December - we have experienced snow in April and cold days in June. Is it just a freak of nature? Or is it the effects of Global Warming? - I am not qualified to answer that - it would seem everyone has their own opinions. All I know is that thankfully Mother Nature keeps winning through and Sherwood Forest keeps amazing us year after year coping with climate changes mid-season and giving us its' beauty month in month out. So it's fitting that we try to preserve our heritage and thank our lucky stars that we continue to keep our beautiful flora and fauna and try and capture our best-loved trees in precious metal format in perpetuity. Looking forward to Spring (whichever month it comes) when the buds form and brand new leaves burst into our lives. We will keep attempting to immortalise our leaves from Sherwood Forest in a choice of finishes -Sterling Silver, Yellow Gold Vermeil or Rose Gold Vermeil. All guaranteed to be cut from an outline of a leaf collected from Sherwood Forest.