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Secrets of Sherwood

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Ash Bracelet in Silver

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Oak Leaf Bracelet

These have been made by picking leaves from a tree in Sherwood Forest – then hand-sawing the silver around each leaf. So each piece is unique depending on the unique leaf from the tree, which will be similar to the next – but according to Mother Nature, will have its’ own identity.
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Each piece of leaf jewelry has a choice of finish: Silver, Rose-gold or Yellow-gold vermeil.

Vermeil (pronounced ver-may) is the process of coating sterling silver with a layer of gold which is at least 10 karats and 1.5 microns thick.

Vermeil looks like pure gold, it can be polished for a glossy look or left to tarnish for a hint of vintage style (very popular with the Rose-gold).

Vermeil jewelry typically costs less than pieces made from pure gold but more expensive than gold-plated pieces. This is because its’ coating of the precious metal is 50 times thicker and is coated on to sterling silver rather than a cheaper core of copper.

Each piece is sent to Edinburgh Assay Office for independent verification of the quality of the Sterling silver and is stamped accordingly.

So you can choose which finish you want your leaf jewelry – Silver, Rose-gold or Yellow-gold, and of course there will be a matching chain with each pendant.

So you can be assured of a quality piece of immortalised Sherwood Forest!

Cleaning your silver jewellery

All silver will tarnish so we recommend regular cleaning with a propriety silver cleaner and polished with a suitable Silver Polishing Cloth

Leaf Size

As all the leaf jewellery is templated from actual leaves sizes may vary but on request we can provide approximate sizes depending on which tree the leaf comes from.